How to Prevent First Date Disasters

How to Prevent First Date Disasters

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner! However, the pressure is on when it comes to making that first good impression - as if finding love wasn’t hard enough as it is!

So to help out, we’ve created a list of our favourite tips and tricks to counteract some of those first date jitters:


  1. Be your fab self. Unlike others might recommend, we think it’s important to dress in something you feel great in, instead of dressing really brightly, when what you like is darker colours (or vice versa!). Sure, it’s worth making an effort and sprucing up a bit to show you care. Just don’t second-guess yourself and dress the way you ‘think’ your date might want. Just keep it real and be yourself from the start.
  1. Plan ahead. Be kind to yourself and look up your route in advance, so you can arrive calm and early, rather than flustered, not to mention potentially undo any of your careful prep. Bonus – this way you can get a sense of the place and do final checks before your date arrives!
  1. Bring your essentials. Whether that be your favourite setting powder for potential top ups, or even a lucky charm, nothing beats having all you need to feel as confident as you can. As we all know, first dates can be the ultimate stress factor. So if you’re prone to cold sores, apply the product a couple days ahead of your date and as a backup in your handbag.
  1. Location. Location. Location. If you’re suggesting a place to meet up, make sure it’ll be somewhere you can actually hear each other talking. As you don’t know anything about each other yet, being able to have a good chat is vital. So a bar you know that is quiet - or even a fun activity like mini golf where you can actively communicate (as well as have something to do with those nervous hands) can be the ideal solution.
  1. Eye contact.People can perceive no eye contact as rude or overly nervous, so it’s good to be conscious of your behaviour in that department. If this is something you struggle with, don’t worry, there’s no need to stare. As a rule of thumb holding your date’s gaze three seconds at a time can help them check in with you and feel engaged throughout.
  1. Finally, let them know if you want to go out again.
    If you genuinely had a great time and are interested in seeing them again, be assertive and let them know.

There are no rules about when or how to let them know, just give them a quick call, text, or you could even send them a note (who said romance is dead?).

Don’t waste time wondering what the right thing to do is, you feel how you feel. Express enthusiasm and find out what they’d think about that second date.


We can’t stress enough how important it is to help yourself be as relaxed and yourself as much as possible. Healthy outlook and finding someone that’s worth being with? Yes, please.

Go get ‘em!

With love, the lipivir team.

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