A New Life for Francesca Smith – Without Cold Sores!

A New Life for Francesca Smith – Without Cold Sores!

Ever since the beginning of her childhood, Fran started having cold sore outbreaks. The herpes virus, which is the source of the blistering and pain, is something that anyone can catch. In fact, 9 out of 10 people in the world carry it in their body, but luckily most of them never show any signs of having it. For Fran though, life became a misery.

Not only did she feel terrible when her lip became painful but there was no way of hiding them whenever they came. And they came over and over again. All her school friends were sympathetic, but that didn’t help. She just didn’t want to be seen when she was being affected, so she’d try and hide away until the signs had gone. But during the week she still had to go to school and face everybody, which made her day to day life dreadful.

As she got older naturally her social life. Parties, boys and going out, but became a matter not of when, but only “if”, there wasn’t a telltale tingle brought on by excitement, fear or whatever – who knew? All she knew was that invitations often had to be met with excuses, which then led to being left out.

She tried everything that she could find to stop or treat these awful cold sores, but nothing worked. Again and again she would buy new products claiming to help, but they all failed.

Later she started working as a teacher, where her colleagues were always very discreet, but she could see them looking and feeling sorry for her out of the corner of her eye. It was always the same thing, would she be able to go to team outings and get-togethers or would she have to hide away with more excuses. But what about having a personal life? She wanted to go out and have normal relationships, but how could she when she might look dreadful at any moment? Her response was to hide away once more in her apartment, unseen and unloved.

After 25 years of suffering, a new product arrived, which instead of saying it would treat the cold sore, it could prevent them. This was lipivir®, followed although she was reluctant to believe it, she decided to give it a try. She went out and bought a tube and followed the instructions carefully, applying it twice a day.

So that she didn’t forget to apply it she kept the tube next to her toothpaste and put it on at the same time every day. After a month of following this routine - nothing had developed, no tingles, no cold sores, all that remained was the face she wanted to show the world looking back at her in the mirror. Although it was hard to believe she wanted to jump for joy, if only it would last!

A year has passed since Fran tried lipivir® for the first time and despite the lingering thought that one might come again some day, she continued her routine and has remained free. Free of the sores, free of the fear of the sores and free to live the life she always wanted. She has joined several new social groups and goes regularly, because she can now make plans to be with her friends whenever she wants. She has also joined a gym and is getting fitter with regular exercise and looking and feeling great! This of course means that an other ambition is now on the cards. We don’t know how that will work out but she says that because she can use lipivir® all the time - and, by the way, she can use make up on top so no one knows or needs to know how she used to suffer that her new life has begun and she is really looking forward to it! 

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